1st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DIGITAL LINGUISTICS (CILiDi´19)                                                 



We welcome you to the 1st International Conference on Digital Linguistics (CILiDi'19) at the Universidad de Granada, Spain, to be held on 29th, 30th and 31st May 2019.

The CILiDi'19 will be hosted by the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras at the Universidad de Granada. For additional information, please check our website: http: //

CILiDi'19 is coorganized by scholars and researchers from the Departments of English, English and German, Spanish and Applied Linguistics from the Universidad de Granada, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia  and Universidad de Alicante.

The main theme of CILiDi'19 is digital linguistics applied to modern languages. This first- year edition will focus on the general topics (i) Language and Literature, (ii) Translation and Interpreting, and (iii) Discourse Analysis. These three conference themes will be approached from a technological perspective, i.e. the implementation of digital elements in lectures, creative research projects and results in these areas from various backgrounds.  

We invite 20-minute proposals of papers, 90-minute workshop presentations and posters on the following general topics, considering the specific topics listed below:


Language and Literature

  • Educational Apps
  • Serious Videogames
  • Simulators and Virtual Reality
  • Gamification with Digital Resources
  • MOOC
  • Social Networks and Education

Translation and Interpreting

  • Localization of Videogames
  • Translation Apps
  • Automatic Translation
  • Interpreting and Technology
  • Today’s Terminology and Translation
  • Accessible Translation
  • Transcreation

Discourse Analysis

  • Communication in the Digital Era
  • Corpus Analysis and Tools
  • Multimodal Analysis and Tools
  • Social Networks and the Dissemination of Information
  • The Language of Videogames and their Users
  • New Linguistic Genres

Call for papers can be downloaded in PDF format.

All participants attending the conference must have registered and paid the corresponding registration fee. Attention: every author of the work must be registered.



Works presented at the International Conference on Digital Linguistics (CILiDi'19) will be eligible to be published by Comares Publishing House as a monographic volume. Translation and interpreting works will be eligible to be published in the series “Tecnología, Traducción y Cultura” (Technology, Translation and Culture)  by Tirant lo Blanch Publishing House. 

A selection of papers on foreign language teaching and learning will be eligible to  be published by the journal Revista Internacional de Lenguas Extranjeras (RILE)  

New publication venues coming soon.

Participants will be contacted after the conference to discuss the possible venues for their work.




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