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General Instructions

1. Indicate if the corresponding author is an author or co-author.
2. Insert data of the first author: name and surname, postal address, email address, affiliation and mobile phone.
3. Indicate the type of presentation: communication, poster or workshop. The Scientific Committee will inform the author if the proposal has been accepted.
4. Co-authors: maximum 3 authors. Author's name and order of appearance used in the application form will be maintained in the conference documentation as well as in the certificates, Please, pay special attention to names and surnames.
5. Title: maximum of 20 words and in capital letters. Words should be complete. No abbreviations should be used.
6. Structure: please include the following sections: Introduction, Objectives, Methodology, Conclusions and Bibliography.
7. Extension: maximum of 500 words, including bibliography.

All participants attending the congress must have registered and paid the corresponding registration fee. Attention: every author of the work must be inscribed.

Participants will present their communication in person and on the day and time assigned by the organizing committee of the congress. Poster authors must be present during the corresponding session (which will be specified in the program) to answer questions about their work.

The approximate timeframes are those listed below:

  • Communications: 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion and questions.
  • Posters: the maximum poster size is 120 cm high and 100 cm wide and in vertical design.
  • Workshops: 60 minutes for presentation and 30 minutes for debate (maximum of 5 speakers coordinated by a moderator).

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