Social program




The meeting point is Plaza Puerta Real (at the entrance of Correos, the Post Office), the city center of Granada. We will go up Calle Reyes Católicos (and see the most fashionable shopping area of the city), visit the Corral del Carbón, one of the finest and best preserved multifaceted Arabic buildings in urban Granada, then the Monument to Queen Isabella of Castile and Christopher Columbus, a fine late 19th-century double statue by Mariano Belliure which commemorated the 4th anniversary of the discovery of America. This double statue is situated at the entrance to the Gran Vía, traditionally the main artery of the city, created as a residential area for the "nouveau riche" and the bourgeoisie WHO rose in the first years of the 20 th century as a result of The successful exploitation of the sugar industry in Granada's coastal areas after Spain was deprived of the Cuban sugar in 1898.We will also visit the birthplace of Admiral Álvaro de Bazán, the victor of the Battle of Lepanto against the Ottoman navy in 15 71.Next we will then visit the Madraza or the Arabic medieval university. In the narrow lanes of the Alcaicería we will be able to glimpse the old Arabian market of jewels and fine silks and spices, next to Plaza Bib-Rambla, the old market or "souk" of pr e-Christian Granada. Our walk will finish with the contemplation of the impressive Renaissance-Baroque façade of Granada's Cathedral.

Time: Approximately 2 hours.

Meeting point: Plaza Puerta Real

Departure time: 8.00 pm

Languages: Spanish and English


The excursion will be completed with a (voluntary) drink and a tapa in Calle Navas.



The meeting point is the fountain in the very centre of Plaza Nueva. We will go up Street Calderería, famous for its Arabic souvenir shops, specialized in leather goods and jewellery and its exotic tea shops. Afterwards we will visit to cloistered convent where nuns dedicate their whole lives to praying in front of the Holy Host. While on the way to St. Nicholas Square, we will be able to see some beautiful "Cármenes" or Arabic mansions with sumptuous gardens .In Plaza San Nicolás we will be able to gratify ourselves with one of the most beautiful landscapes of Granada (if not the whole world): the glorious sunset with the Alhambra in front, the snowy mountains of Sierra Nevada in the background, and on both sides the fertile plain or "Vega" of Granada and the picturesque quarters of the city. After seeing an Arabic well in St. Nicholas Square and visiting the most important mosque in the city, we will go through the Gate of Weights, an old Arabic tower that serves as an entrance to an old souk of great importance in the everyday life of the people of Albayzín both in medieval and in modern times. After walking among the narrow streets of the lbayzín, we will leave the old quarter behind by going down Calle Maestro Chapí, where we will see the statue of Chorrojumo, the king of the gipsies, and the entrance of the Sacromonte quarter, the traditional abode of the gipsies of Granada. We will walk by the side of the river Darro (the river coming from the mountains with its previously famed gold nuggets), visit the Renaissance building of the Archaeological Museum, see the Arabic, Renaissance and Baroque mansions built on both sides of the river. We will end our excursion in Plaza Nueva, where we will know the famous waters of Granada from the Fountain of the Bull.


Time: Approximately 2 hours.

Meeting point: Plaza Nueva

Departure time:  8:00

Languages: Spanish and English


The visit will be completed with a (voluntary) drink and a tapa in Navas Street, next to the Town Hall.